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Wenneman Meat Market
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St. Libory, IL 62282

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Hours: Mon-Fri 8:00AM to 5:30 PM

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Thank you for all your kind words through the past, the Wenneman family business has worked hard with a total commitment to customer satisfaction as their primary objective, we place great emphasis on product quality and customer service.

Below are some of the testimonials or comments we've received through the years pertaining to our products, service and personnel, again, thank you.



Ya know, it's "drive" like this that Wenneman's has that just puts them on "top" with their products and service.  You can tell that they always strive to provide quality products to their customers at reasonable prices. I can't wait to get some Wenneman bacon, stuffed pork chops, liver sausage and such.  I want to make sure I have a freezer full of their products at all times.   Joel S.


I guess you could say I grew up with Wenneman's. When I was young, 50+ years ago, my parents, aunts and uncles and neighbors in St Louis all drove to St Libory to shop there. My old neighbor Florence Troesser even moved there. In 1990 when my husband and I moved back to the St Louis area from Texas, we started to shop there again. Then last year my husband and I moved to Mount Olive, Illinois-just south of Litchfield. We continue to shop at Wenneman's even though it's a bit farther to drive now. We do so because you can't beat the fresh, local, quality meat. Cut to order and wrapped to our specifications. By pleasant, professional, and courteous people. Quality, price and service bring me back every time. Thank you, Judy DM


We love their meats!  We visit St. Libory a couple of times a year and always bring meat back to Atlanta.  Our summer cookouts will not be the same until they rebuild! Dennis B.


The owners and employees always treated their customers on a very personal level.  Let us all remember how many families, businesses, charity groups, churches and many many other groups that will be affected by this fire.  I know that Brad and Paul will rebuild.. the place is a legacy..those never disappear..just grow stronger.   Anvil


Nice people, great service, even if they didn't use computers. (in the retail area)


Best meat market in the area - anonymous


After many years of being away from your lovely market, I accompanied my mom and sister for a shopping date to pick up meats for our family Easter dinner.  As in years past, your exceptional quality, service and selection were outstanding and continue to surpass any supermarket or grocery store.  Your prices are absolutely incomparable!  Our trunk was loaded with beautiful meats and LOTS of savings left in our pocketbooks!   When we first walked in, the delicious aroma from the smoker wafted through the store.  Is this the nearest thing to heaven?  You BETCHA!   THANKS, WENNEMAN’S – WE LOVE YOU!  Sincerely yours, Laurie Ann F.


Wenneman's has the best meat around - anonymous






I really admire the owners, going 110% to get things up and running, and their folks back to work, rather than whining about their misfortune.