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Wenneman Meat Market
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Hours: Mon-Fri 8:00AM to 5:30 PM

Saturday 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM

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Wenneman Meat Market Retail Items   -  Call our retail for most current pricing.


Retail Price Sheet - 6-1-16   Prices are subject to tax. Prices                 Subject to change without notice

Click Here to Download our most current price sheet here  

Current Meat Bundle Price List            

  *advance order  
Pork Loins-Whole/Cut chops Boneless Ham - Whole Bratwurst                         5#
Pork Loins-Boneless/Cut chops Bnls. Ham- center cut sliced  Bratwurst                         1#
Pork Chops-Center Cut Bnls. Ham-whole/half/sliced Jalapeno & Cheese Brats.
Pork Chops-Butterfly *Spiral Slice Bone In Ham Applewurst
Stuffed Pork Chops Bone In Ham - Whole Bockwurst
Pork Cutlets Bone In Ham - Half Pork Sausage Link         5#
Riblets-(upon request) BI Ham-Butt or Shank Portion Pork Sausage Link         1#
Smoked Pork Loin/Whole/Cut Chops BBQ Boneless Ham Pork Sausage-Bulk, 1#
Smoked Center Cut Pork Chops *Tavern/Semi Bnls. Ham Pork Sausg.Breakfast Link
  Bone In Ham Steaks Pork Burger Patties -5#BX
PORK BUTTS & CUTS:   Bratwurst Patties
Pork Butts - Whole FRESH PORK OFFAL: Garlic Pork Sausage
Pork Butts-Cut end to end Steaks Hog Heads - Whole Italian Sausage Link
Pork Steaks-Center Cut 10# Snouts Italian Sausage - Bulk
Pork Steaks-Center Cut  1# Cheek or Head Meat Cheeseburger Links
Seasoned Pork Steaks Neckbones Mush & Swiss Bratwurst
New York Shoulder(Butt & Callie) Ears SMOKED SAUSAGES/Hot Dogs
Bone In Callie Feet PreCooked Bratwurst
Smoked/Ready to Eat Callie Kidney Polish Skinless Sausage
  Hearts Mild Skin On Polish
FRESH PORK RIBS: Tongues Hot Skin On Polish
Spare Ribs-4# & Down weight Spleens Skin On Hot Dogs
Baby Back Ribs - 2.5# avg. weight Tails Skinless Hot Dogs
Country Style Ribs Liver - Whole Jumbo Franks
St. Libory/St. Louis Style Ribs Liver - Sliced Cheese Franks
Rib Tips Skins or Rinds Smoked Pork Sausage
FRESH SIDE / BELLIE: Cracklings Regular Smokies
Fresh Side Sliced Hocks Hot Smokies
  Jowls Jalapeno&Cheese Smok.
BACON: Salted Jowl Super Slim Smokies
Bacon Sliced-Rind On/Off / Slab   Beef Jerky-Pkg.
Center Cut Sliced Bacon SMOKED OFFAL: BBQ Smokies
Beef Bacon Smoked Jowl-whole/sliced Regular Summer Sausag.
Bacon Sizzler Patties  Smoked Hocks Hot Summer Sausage
#2 Smoked Bacon Slices Smoked Shanks Cheese Summer Sausg.
Pepper Bacon Smoked Neckbones Jalapeno & Cheese SS
FRESH HAMS: Smoked Tails Old Fashion Summer Sg.
Hams - Bone In Smoked Feet Honey Smokies
Boned Rolled & Tied Ham  (BRT)   All Beef Franks
Sweet Pickled Ham   OLD FASH. SMOKIES
DELI MEATS: Bone-In Chuck Roast CHICKEN:
Natural Casing Braunschweiger Ground Beef Patties-5#Bx Chicken- Whole  3#
Aritifical Casing Braunschweiger Ground Chuck / 80# Lean Stewing Chickens
Boneless Ham - Sliced Ground Chuck /    5# Chickens Cut 8 piece
  Ground chuck /   10# Chickens-Cut & Quarter
Roast Beef Beef Cubed Steaks Chickens-Cut in Half
Smoked Turkey Breast Stew Meat Bnls Skinless Chicken Breast
Cajun Turkey Breast Bone In Ribeye Steaks  
Honey Turkey Breast Arm Roast  
Fried Turkey Breast T-Bone Steak   **Advance Order
Large Artifical Casing Bologna Porterhouse Steak **Chicken Wings-40# BX
Small Natural Casing Bologna Ribeye (boneless)Steak  
Large Natural Casing Garlic Bologna Fillet Mignon FISH - FROZEN
Blood Sausage Sirloin Steak Pollock Fillet - 4 oz.
Cooked (Liver) Sausage Strip Steaks Catfish 7-9 oz. 
Hard Salami Round Steak  
Brogan Loaf-Peppered Casing S.S. Chuck Roast-BNLS Breaded Codtails
Headcheese - (Mild) Rolled Rump Roast Cello Cod Fish         5# Bx.
Headcheese - (Hot) Sirloin Tip Roast  
Krakow-(Pepper/Garlic Ham Saus.) Corn Beef Flats Cello Cod - per #:
Pickle & Pimento Loaf Short Ribs  
Canadian Bacon Neckbones Cooked Breaded Shrimp
Ham Salad Leg Bones  
Italian Beef Ox Tail Chicken Tenders
  Beef Liver -  Whole (5 pound bag)
CHEESES: Beef lIver -  Sliced Frog Legs
American-whole or Pre Sliced Blocks Beef Tongue  
Checkerboard Cheese Beef Brains Corndogs  6/Pkcg.
Horseradish BEEF FRONT QUARTER *Cooked Pulled Pork
Muenster *HOG PRICES: Seasoned / No Sauce
Brick HOG / WHOLE OR HALF *Cooked Pulled Pork
Swiss *ROASTER PIGS: Seasoned With Sauce
MEAT BUNDLES:*Advance order 1 day 50-180# PIGS: VARIETY ITEMS:
Beef Lovers Bundle VARIETY ITEMS: Marinate Chicken Kabob
Beef, Pork, & Chicken Bundle Roast Beef / Broth Marinate Pork Kabob
Pork Bundle Roast Pork / Broth Taco Beef Filler-5# Tube
Cook Out King Bundle Smoked Turkey - 12/22# French Fries - Straight
BBQ Special Bundle    French Fries-Seasoned
Campers Bundle   Onion Rings
DOG LOVERS BUNDLE Italian Beef Frozen Turkeys
Dog Chews Ham Salad Clear Fry Oil  - 35# Tub
Frozen Bones - Bags Party Platters-all sizes  
Smoked Large Dog Bones **Special or Seasonal  
Smoked Small Dog Bones items not listed, ask & we  
Smoked Pig Ears will assist!!!!!  

Custom Deer Processing No Melt Cheddar Cheese Bratwurst Seasoning    25#
Custom Hog Processing No Melt Pepper Jack Chs. Pork Saus. Seasoning  25#
Custom Beef Processing Beef Tallow S.S. Seasoning for 50#
Roaster Pigs - Hog Roasts, etc. Hog Casings - Set 140# S.S. Seasoning for 100#
  Pork Cup - Stuff 30# Polish Saus.Season 50#
WELCOME CHURCH WURSTMARTS Beef Rounds- 60# Bologna Seasoning     50#
WELCOME MEAT SHOOTS Sheep Casings - 60#  
WELCOME ALL ORGANIZATIONS Nippy Casings-10# Strand  
For your special event: -Call Brad Sure Cure-4 oz. for 100#  
Schmitz 768-4328 for Product/Pricing Pre tied Straights - each  
Additional Bulk Items Pre Tied Straights -Full 38pcs  
Rind On Fresh Belly (Whole) 2X13 Casings    - each VARIETY SEASONINGS:
  2X18 Casings    - each Red Pepper
Rindless Fresh Belly (Whole) 2X18 Casings - Bundle 25 Nutmeg
  6M X 20 Casing Corriander
50/50 Pork Belly Trim Cow Knuckles - Under 25# Marjoram
  Cow Knuckles -  25# Plus Allspice
Rind On Fat Back Beef Hamburger Trim Mace
    Granulated Garlic
Rind Off Fat Back Pork Butts - Under 100# Granulated Onion
  Pork Butts - 100# Plus Paprika
Fresh Pork Skins Bnls. Callie-Under 60# Black Pepper               1/2"
  Bnls. Callie  - 60-119# Black Pepper                1#
BNLS Pork Butts- over 100 lbs. Bnls. Callie - 120 & up White Pepper
                               - under 100 lbs. 90% Ham Trim- under 100# Salt- 5# or 50# Bag
Untrimmed (Nose-On) Brisket 90% Ham Trim- over 100# Salt - 50# Bag
  BBQ PIGS White Sugar
Trimmed (Nose-Off) Brisket 45-60 Brown Sugar
  61-80 Mustard Seed  1/2" Bag
Chicken Salad 81-100 Dextrose
  101-125 Ground cloves
10 - 1# Ground Beef Tubes in Bag 126-160 Cracked Fennel
  161 & up Ground Thyme
Beef Heads (with tongue)   Ground Ginger
  Patty Paper  Plast Burger Bags - 1#
Gallon of Beef Blood   Plastic Burger Bags-2#
3.5 Gallon Beef Blood Grinding 1x- bulk box Patty Papper
  Grinding 1x- bagged to  Freezer Paper-1100 Ft.
  specific weight  

Beef, Pork & Chicken Bundle
Ground Beef - 1# - 6 pkgs
Pork Chops - 4# - 6/pkg - 2 pkgs
Pork Steaks - 10# - 4/pkg - 3 pkgs
Pork Roast 3# - 1 roast
Chuck Roast - 4# - 2 roasts
Pork Sausage - 1 1/2 # - 2 pkgs
Chickens - 3 Chickens cut up
Approximately 34 # of meat/3 Free Chickens

Bundle Price Listed Above
Pork Bundle
Pork Chops - 10#
Pork Steaks - 10#
Bratwurst - 6# - (2#/pkg)
Pork Sausage - 6# - (2#/pkg)
Spare Ribs - 2 slabs (4# each)
Pork Burgers - 10#
Approximately 50# of meat

Bundle Price Listed Above

BBQ Special
Spare Ribs - 4#
Pork Steaks - 4#
Hamburger Patties - 5#
Bratwurst - 3#
Jumbo Franks - 2#
Chickens - 2 Chickens cut up
Approximately 18 # of meat/2 free chickens

Bundle Price Listed Above
Beef Lover's Bundle
T-Bone Steaks - 4-16oz (2 per pkg)
Rib Steaks - 4-16oz (2 per pkg)
Sirloin Steaks - 5# - 1 pkg
Chuck Roast - 2 (4# each)
Round Steak - 2 (3# each)
Hamburger Patties - 5# box
Hamburger - 4# (1# pkg/each)
Approximately 36# of meat

Bundle Price Listed Above
Camping Special
Seasoned Pork Steaks - 4#
Hamburgers - 4 - 1#
Cheese Hot Dogs - 2 pkgs
Liver Sausage - 1# stick
Smoked Bacon - 2# pkg
Approximately 9# of meat

Bundle Price Listed Above

Cook Out King
Pork Steaks - 10#
Bratwurst - 10#
Pork Burgers - 10#
Ground Beef - 5# (1#/pkg)
Hamburger Patties - 5#
Chickens - 3 Chickens cut up
Approximately 40# of meat/3 free chickens

Bundle Price Listed Above

*Call & ask about Wenneman's weekly retail specials: Beef Sides, Whole hogs, and any items on our product list.

Let Wenneman cater your party & enjoy from Fried Chicken (22 order pc minimum), Homemade Seasoned or Unseasoned Pulled Pork, BBQ Sliced Pork, Roast Beef, Roast Pork or Meat & Cheese Party Platters of your choice.

Thank you for your continued & future business!